by Suzi Petrozzi

suziIt’s easy to think that people who are making a big difference in the world were born that way. Think Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Dick Smith, and Oprah Winfrey and many other amazing people who’ve left their mark on the world.

I believe that each one of us comes into the world as an amazing human being with unlimited potential. Just look at small children and you will see this in action. They are not afraid to express their gifts and talents through fun and imaginative play. And what’s more important, they are not afraid to ask big questions, like the why questions which continue to stimulate their curiosity and desire to learn more about the world and themselves.

We each have amazing talents and gifts that we bring into this world. Unfortunately, along the way many of us forget this because we get discouraged by others. We are told “You can’t”, “It’s stupid” “You’ll hurt yourself” and so on. I‘ve certainly had to overcome my fair share of discouragements.


Some of the most successful people were discouraged by others and encountered hardship along the way but still persisted to take small steps towards their vision because:

* They believed in themselves
* They believed in what they had to offer to the world; and
* They believed what they had to offer would make a big difference in the world.

Every day presents us with opportunities to make a difference in some way. It doesn’t have to be big. Most successful ideas start off small.

Take a look around in your own life. Notice where there may be opportunities to learn, grow and contribute by asking these 4 life changing questions:

* How can I make a difference today? What can I do?
*  What can I do to help/change this situation/problem? (work, home, relationships, community etc)
* What is missing in this situation/problem? (work, home, relationships community, etc.)
* What is this situation trying to teach me?

Start your day by asking these 4 life changing questions. The bigger the questions we ask of ourselves the greater purpose and meaning we have in life.

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