When the skies are grey, it’s tempting to stay indoors, turn up the heat and turn on the telly. Then you go to the fridge, make a snack and maybe a pot of coffee to perk you up. As winter progresses, you feel less energetic, mildly depressed, and notice you’ve put on weight. “I’ll shed the kilos when the sun comes out in summer,” you tell yourself. Why waste a season when you can be “singin’ in the rain”? Here are 5 ways to stay happy and healthy in winter.

1: Keep Exercising

stretch2The winter chill does make you feel a little sluggish, but it’s amazing how quickly that feeling wears off after you start exercising. The key to success is getting started. A few stretches before you start exercising will get the blood flowing and stimulate your metabolism. You might start your exercise a little slower than you would on a warm, sunny day, but once you get warmed up, you’ll be glad you put in the effort. As a bonus, because your body has to work overtime to get and stay warm, you’ll burn more kilojoules on that early morning walk or run than you would on a warm day.

2: Eat Well

healthy foodsWhy do we turn to fattening junk food in winter? Some say it’s because our bodies naturally want us to put on weight in winter to protect us against the cold. The problem with this theory is that there was no such thing as junk food in the past. Yes, you may have a bigger appetite, but look for nourishing natural foods and resist those “convenience” foods that have no nutritional value and are laden with unhealthy fats.

Look for dark, leafy greens and red and yellow vegetables, all of which are all high in antioxidants. Onions and garlic also contain cold and flu fighting ingredients. Add them to soups and other dishes for a delicious way to eat well in winter.

3: Dose up on Vitamins and Minerals

We covered some natural ways to dose up on vitamins and minerals in our previous blog, Beat Colds and Flus Naturally. It’s also a good idea to take extra doses of Vitamin C, zinc and magnesium to help protect against those common winter ailments. Be careful with your choice of supplements, though. Some brands are less effective than others. We recommend Metagenics. If you’re in the Sydney area, you can buy them from us at Petrozzi Wellness Centre.

4: Take Care of Your Back

Winter is often the time when back injuries occur. In fact, we have been seeing increasing numbers of clients coming to us at PWC with back problems this year. Prevention is always preferable to treatment. Movement, exercise and avoiding prolonged sitting are all good ways to prevent back injuries. Stop in at Petrozzi Wellness Centre and get a 30% discount on your initial chiropractic consultation. Aside from getting a valuable check-up, you’ll learn ways to keep your back in shape and help prevent debilitating back injuries. If you have an existing back problem, a chiropractic check-up can help you recover faster and avoid further injury.

5: Socialise!

Laurence V Harrould

Laurence V Harrould

Human beings are social animals. Staying indoors and “socialising” with the television or online is no substitute for getting together with friends and like-minded people in a casual, friendly environment. Bookshops, art galleries and museums always have special events on during the winter months and they’re often free.

Speaking of free events, we have regular free Wellness Workshops at Petrozzi Wellness Centre. Everyone is welcome and our guest speakers are experts in their fields. Stay in touch by visiting our Facebook page for news of upcoming events, but then close the computer and attend! It’s always a great night out for everyone. This month, Laurence V Harrould will be discussing How to Find Your Soul Purpose on the 24th of June at 7:00 p.m.