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Computer Ergonomics and Text Neck – Chiropractor Leichhardt

Ergonomics attempts to reduce strain, fatigue and injuries by improving workspace arrangement with the goal of a comfortable, relaxed posture. Many people spend hours a day in front of a computer or looking [...]

Stress Relief Leichhardt Psychologist

  5 Ways to Reduce Stress Stress builds up inside us if we don't take measures to reduce it. We don't need stress to lead productive lives. In fact, we are more productive [...]

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Posture Awareness and Strengthening Classes

We all know good posture is important, but it affects many more of our bodily functions than we realise! Here at Petrozzi Wellness Centre we are now offering Posture Awareness and Strengthening 1 [...]

Are New Technologies a Pain in the Neck?

Laptops, tablets and smartphones are here to stay and most of us welcome them. We don't welcome the backaches and neck pain that is becoming an increasing problem, though. These technologies can literally [...]

Are Vitamins Good for You?

We used to assume that vitamin supplements were harmless at worst and beneficial to your health at best. Then some studies were released that questioned this conventional wisdom. Are vitamins good for you [...]

Top 5 Wellness Trends 2015

At Petrozzi Wellness Centre, we not only offer a range of services, our clients and friends in the wellness business help us keep our finger on the pulse of current wellness trends. [...]

Wellness Books for Holiday Reading

One of the great things about the holidays is that they give you a chance to put your feet up and relax with a good book.  We don't have anything against a good [...]

How to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays

The holiday season is almost upon us. You can feel it in the warmer air and everyone's spirits are rising as they anticipate their Christmas breaks with family and friends. Christmas and the [...]

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Arthritis Pain: Can your Chiropractor in Leichhardt help with your back pain?

Arthritis Pain: Australia’s number one cause of disability March was Arthritis Awareness Month and arthritis is a disorder all of us should be aware of. Those who are not afflicted with it often [...]

What is Primordial Sound Meditation?

Petrozzi Wellness Centre is fortunate to have one of only a few of Australia's certified Primordial Sound Meditation instructors on their staff. Psychologist Avanti Singh will be teaching this technique to students at [...]