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Your split brain: two halves equal one whole

We have only one brain each, but our brains are neatly split down the middle into two hemispheres. Normally, these hemispheres are able to communicate with each other via a "bridge" called the [...]

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Demystifying Male and Female Energies

No one questions the fact that there are two physical genders: male and female. That’s obvious. The waters get murkier, though, when we start to talk about male and female energies. We confuse these energies with gender stereotypes and misinterpret the deeper meaning of these basic energies. […]

How to Shine

As beings of light and energy, it’s in our nature to “shine.” As children, it comes naturally and their boundless energy and infectious smiles are proof of their “shining” natures. As we grow older, that shining quality seems to fade until it seems like only a select few individuals have it. We call them charismatic and wonder what special magic they possess that we lack. […]

Relieve Stress in 10 Minutes or less

Countless studies show that stress not only feels bad, but is a major contributor to health problems. Before you get stressed about stress, though,

People Who Shine

We all know people who seem to shine from within. What is their secret? At Petrozzi Wellness, we're fortunate enough to know a number of people who have that elusive quality. One of [...]

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) is a simple, yet effective relaxation technique practiced to reduce overall tension in your body. Wellness Psychologist Jo Sheehan conducts a 25 minute PMR session, available for you to [...]

Healthy Aging

Your body is an amazing self-healing and self-regenerating miracle. Capable of regenerating after a wound, healing from traumatic events, repairing a broken bone, completely recovering from cancer and the list goes on. In [...]

Optimal Chair Setup

Correct seating posture is an essential ingredient to preventing spinal injury and fatigue. The basic features of a good chair are: • height adjustable • pelvic tilt on seat • lumbar support

Workstation Ergonomics

Prolonged hours of poor posture or repetitive work habits, often in a stressful environment can result in significant overuse injury. Applying the following points can help to minimise such injuries.

Ice & Heat Application

Suggestions For The Application Of Ice And Heat Ice is an effective and natural pain killer and anti-inflammatory.