What does it mean to bring balance in your life and how do you know if you need balance?

Ask yourself 3 questions to find out: Do you mostly wake up feeling rested and inspired? Do you mostly feel fulfilled? And do your more often than not remember to give gratitude for things that happen in your life? Your answers to these questions will be a clue to how balanced your life really is.

If you mostly feel tired and lack inspiration to start the day, rarely feel fulfilled and grateful for your life, events and people in it then you are not living a very balanced life.

So what can you do to start to change that?

Firstly, you have to be open and honest with yourself about the need to change your approach to life.

Secondly, start to practice gratitude by reflecting on the day or even reflect on your life and see what you are grateful for. Even try practicing gratitude for those challenging situations in your. Perhaps, seeing how those have been a teacher in disguise and given you something positive. For example, your gratitude can range from being grateful for the man who made your coffee with a smile or the wonderful and honest friends you have in your life or even being grateful for that bitter divorce due to which you now have a new and loving relationship with a person who truly cares and brings out the best in you. Be specific or not, as long as you truly are grateful.

Thirdly, think about how much time you spend doing what you love doing. How often do you do/ something that fulfills you and allows you to be totally absorbed , forgetting time, space and all else If you don’t have anything like this be open to that possibility and you will be able to recognise it when it appears. Finally, ask yourself what kind of a day do you want to have tomorrow and what kind of a person do you want to live to be tomorrow? This has a lot to do with rewiring your brain to a new way of thinking and feeling. The more often you do it the more you start to feel it and live it. Dr. Joe Dispenza, a renowned chiropractor and speaker, says: “Fall in love with your future reality and be grateful for it as if it’s happened”.