Are New Technologies a Pain in the Neck?

Laptops, tablets and smartphones are here to stay and most of us welcome them. We don't welcome the backaches and neck pain that is becoming an increasing problem, though. These technologies can literally [...]

Top 5 Wellness Trends 2015

At Petrozzi Wellness Centre, we not only offer a range of services, our clients and friends in the wellness business help us keep our finger on the pulse of current wellness trends. [...]

Wellness Books for Holiday Reading

One of the great things about the holidays is that they give you a chance to put your feet up and relax with a good book.  We don't have anything against a good [...]

How to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays

The holiday season is almost upon us. You can feel it in the warmer air and everyone's spirits are rising as they anticipate their Christmas breaks with family and friends. Christmas and the [...]

What is Primordial Sound Meditation?

Petrozzi Wellness Centre is fortunate to have one of only a few of Australia's certified Primordial Sound Meditation instructors on their staff. Psychologist Avanti Singh will be teaching this technique to students at [...]

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Portrait of a Wellness Retreat Centre

Petrozzi Wellness Centre will be hosting a Spark Your Brilliance retreat for women only at Avrajita Retreat in Kangaroo Valley in September (scroll down for details). Why would a Sydney-based wellness centre choose [...]

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National Pain Week 2014: Focus on Spinal Pain

National Pain Week is a yearly event that will take place from 21 to 27 July this year. The theme of National Pain Week 2014 is “Pain is Ageless.” Pain can strike anyone, at any age, and when it becomes chronic, can create more than just pain management problems. There is a social stigma attached to chronic pain and sufferers often have to struggle with both their pain and their desire to be contributing members of society and not reliant on their caregivers. […]

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5 Ways to Stay Happy and Healthy in Winter

When the skies are grey, it’s tempting to stay indoors, turn up the heat and turn on the telly. Then you go to the fridge, make a snack and maybe a pot of coffee to perk you up. As winter progresses, you feel less energetic, mildly depressed, and notice you’ve put on weight. “I’ll shed the kilos when the sun comes out in summer,” you tell yourself. Why waste a season when you can be “singin’ in the rain”? Here are 5 ways to stay happy and healthy in winter. […]

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Demystifying Male and Female Energies

No one questions the fact that there are two physical genders: male and female. That’s obvious. The waters get murkier, though, when we start to talk about male and female energies. We confuse these energies with gender stereotypes and misinterpret the deeper meaning of these basic energies. […]

How to Shine

As beings of light and energy, it’s in our nature to “shine.” As children, it comes naturally and their boundless energy and infectious smiles are proof of their “shining” natures. As we grow older, that shining quality seems to fade until it seems like only a select few individuals have it. We call them charismatic and wonder what special magic they possess that we lack. […]