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What is Holistic Health Care?

Read about holistic health care online and you can become easily confused. One site will tell you it is practised by a select few medical doctors. Another site might focus on nurses who [...]

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Arthritis Pain: Can your Chiropractor in Leichhardt help with your back pain?

Arthritis Pain: Australia’s number one cause of disability March was Arthritis Awareness Month and arthritis is a disorder all of us should be aware of. Those who are not afflicted with it often [...]

What is Mind-Body Massage?

In our last blog, we looked at the connection between neuroscience and holistic psychology. In that blog, we wrote: "holistic psychology is concerned with the body/mind/environment connection" and offered evidence based on research [...]

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) is a simple, yet effective relaxation technique practiced to reduce overall tension in your body. Wellness Psychologist Jo Sheehan conducts a 25 minute PMR session, available for you to [...]

Healthy Aging

Your body is an amazing self-healing and self-regenerating miracle. Capable of regenerating after a wound, healing from traumatic events, repairing a broken bone, completely recovering from cancer and the list goes on. In [...]

Ice & Heat Application

Suggestions For The Application Of Ice And Heat Ice is an effective and natural pain killer and anti-inflammatory.

How a Computer Game can assist with Positive Change

Computer games are fun, but can a computer game also be a therapeutic tool? A combination of biofeedback technology and stunning graphics, the BrightHearts app is designed to help users tap into positive [...]

Dr Joe Dispenza

Dr Joe Dispenza is an American chiropractor who has done major studies in neurology and emotional human behaviour. He has written several books outlining the function of the brain, mind, thought patterns and [...]

Whiplash Injuries

Today I wanted to look at the condition known as whiplash. Did you know that car accidents are the largest single contributor to chronic neck and back pain? Injuries from car accidents can [...]

Excellent Abdominal Strengthening Exercise

Challenge your abdominal muscles with a hanging abdominal raise with pike exercise In this video tutorial I introduce to you Dr. John Petrozzi DC who is also the principal of Petrozzi Wellness Centre [...]