An Innovative Approach to Psychology: PWC Leichhardt

Petrozzi Wellness Centre takes a holistic approach to wellness that includes a variety of disciplines. Monthly seminars by experts in their fields cover a wide range of subjects. Most recently, PWC hosted space [...]

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Nourishing the Soul

What is the soul? Some define it as the "spiritual or immaterial" part of us. Others say you have "soul" if you feel empowered and creative. However you define soul, most of us [...]

Nourishing the Mind

You can eat all the right foods and exercise regularly, but if you are chronically stressed or worried, it will take its toll on your physical and psychological health. Self therapy can be [...]

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Nourishing the Body

At Petrozzi Wellness Centre, we define Integrative Medicine as "a blend of various conventional and natural therapies and lifestyle interventions, taking a holistic approach towards the physical, psychological, social and spiritual wellbeing of [...]

What is Depression?

We all feel down from time to time. It's part of being human to feel sad, disappointed or just unenthusiastic occasionally. None of these feelings are symptoms of depression, but if they persist, [...]

Stress Management

The Australian Psychological Society (APS) describes stress as a "feeling of being overloaded, wound up tight, tense and worried." While stress may be necessary at times and can help us finish tasks, it [...]

Self Care Stress Relief

Stress: it seems to sneak up on us until one day we realise we're in a constant state of stress. Worrying about it seems to make the stress worse. How can you reverse [...]

Living in the Moment

As part of Mental Health Month, Way Ahead, the website of the Mental Health Association of NSW, offers 10 Stress Less Tips for 2015. All of them are great tips, but let's take [...]

Mental Health in the Workplace

The average adult spends about half their life at work. The work environment can have an enormous impact on our mental health. A mentally unhealthy workplace leads to a variety of mental health [...]

4 life changing questions to ask yourself

by Suzi Petrozzi It’s easy to think that people who are making a big difference in the world were born that way. Think Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Dick Smith, and Oprah Winfrey and [...]