• what is love?

Beyond Valentine’s Day: what is love, really?

There are so many ways to feel and express love. We love our children in one way, our spouse in another and our friends and families in still other ways. Beyond that, love [...]

  • arthritis pain

Arthritis Pain: Can your Chiropractor in Leichhardt help with your back pain?

Arthritis Pain: Australia’s number one cause of disability March was Arthritis Awareness Month and arthritis is a disorder all of us should be aware of. Those who are not afflicted with it often [...]

We are NOT Victims of Genetics

The 20th century was a century of exciting scientific breakthroughs.  It was also a period when a number of scientific myths prevailed. The Evolution of Neuroscience Behaviorist psychologists promoted a theory that we [...]

What is Mind-Body Massage?

In our last blog, we looked at the connection between neuroscience and holistic psychology. In that blog, we wrote: "holistic psychology is concerned with the body/mind/environment connection" and offered evidence based on research [...]

  • brain on meditation

Neuroscience and Holistic Psychology

More balanced brain activity after meditation Neuroscience, or the "study of the brain and nervous system" as it is defined in the dictionary, has become a mainstream topic since the advent [...]

Your split brain: two halves equal one whole

We have only one brain each, but our brains are neatly split down the middle into two hemispheres. Normally, these hemispheres are able to communicate with each other via a "bridge" called the [...]

The Meaning of Love

Love is arguably the most important word in the English language.

What is Positive Psychology?

Throughout most of its history, psychology has focused on psychological disorders. Two major and often opposing schools of thought and methods of treatment have dominated. Behaviorist psychology takes the view that we are [...]

Body-oriented Psychology

"People need to feel worthy and welcome, not bent out of shape, angry, or apologetic about their existence" (Jean Leidloff, author of The Continuum Concept). Through participating in the Presence and Connection workshop [...]