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Neuroscience and Holistic Psychology

More balanced brain activity after meditation Neuroscience, or the "study of the brain and nervous system" as it is defined in the dictionary, has become a mainstream topic since the advent [...]

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Portrait of a Wellness Retreat Centre

Petrozzi Wellness Centre will be hosting a Spark Your Brilliance retreat for women only at Avrajita Retreat in Kangaroo Valley in September (scroll down for details). Why would a Sydney-based wellness centre choose [...]

Relieve Stress in 10 Minutes or less

Countless studies show that stress not only feels bad, but is a major contributor to health problems. Before you get stressed about stress, though,

Why a Retreat is NOT Running Away

Have you ever thought about attending a retreat, but decided against it? There are many seemingly good reasons for not attending. Do any of the common reasons for not going to a weekend [...]