Anti-ageing specialist Dr. Michael Elstein, presented three lectures at the 2015 annual conference of the Society for Anti-ageing, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine in Malaysia. The audience, comprised of medical professionals and specialists, heard Dr. Elstein lecture about the most vital components of anti-ageing medicine.

Dr. Elstein on the Obesity Epidemic

dr michael elsteinDr. Elstein’s first presentation focused on the relationship between hormones and insulin, the key hormone which controls our utilisation of the food we eat to generate the energy we need to sustain our daily activities.   He explained that our genetic code still programmes us to be hunter gatherers and procreators in order to perpetuate the species. Both of these primary activities are governed by insulin. Today, we are no longer hunters and gatherers in the original sense of the term. We have a sedentary lifestyle, but continue eating more than is needed to keep pace with our level of exertion. Insulin stores much of the resources we derive from food consumption as fat. We are simply over-consuming and exerting very little.

This is the predicament we are now in. The obesity epidemic threatens our survival as a healthy species giving birth to wholesome offspring. Insulin masterminds  how much we eat and instructs the hormones we need to drive procreative activity. Burgeoning fat cells release chemicals which interfere with insulin’s conducting role making us eat even more and derail sexual activity.

Dr Elstein went on to elaborate how two key hormones, melatonin and vitamin D, which assist insulin’s major functions, have also been undermined by our predominantly indoor lifestyle. This further compounds our tendency to gain weight and our ongoing battle to shed excess kilos.

Dr. Elstein’s You Have the Power (available as an ebook) contains a key segment dealing with strategies you can to utilise diet, hormones and nutritional aids to judiciously assist with effective, prolonged weight loss. Dr Elstein’s Eternal Health Wellness Programme  also measures hormones including thyroid hormones, melatonin, vitamin D, oestrogen and testosterone, as well as identifying how efficiently insulin operates to promote healthy sugar metabolism. These tests are then utilised to determine individualised weight loss regimens.

Hormones, Cancer and Diet

elstein3In another key presentation, Dr Elstein outlined how hormones are related to cancer risk. His recently completed Wellness Guide to Preventing the Diseases of Ageing,  provides detailed segments that can be incorporated to reduce the risk of cancer.

Finally, Dr Elstein presented a lecture which focused on the ideal anti-ageing diet. He provided scientific evidence suggesting that healthy longevity can be promoted by eating less often as well as early after dark. This allows insulin to be engaged more effectively, making weight loss easier. More importantly, doing this would limit our escalating tendency to gain weight easily, which is our current plight.