Dr Joe Dispenza is an American chiropractor who has done major studies in neurology and emotional human behaviour. He has written several books outlining the function of the brain, mind, thought patterns and beliefs.

Having the chance to see him speak at a Sydney weekend seminar was a mind blowing experience.

Now let me tell you something, your future is your past! Think about it, all the past experiences both good or bad will dictate your response and feeling in the future. Let me give you an example, if you have courageously admitted your affection for another person who did not feel the same, you heart and head would be very hurt by that rejection and experience. It would leave a hurtful feeling inside of you. The next time another person who you feel the same or similar about comes your way, you past emotional scarring you stop you from proceeding any further to express you affection for this new person thus living in your circle of rejection and hurt. Can you see how the past determine your future from an experience that has nothing to do with the past. The first incidence may have been when you were 16 and you had a pimple on your face that you were not aware of and years later you let that incident stop you from making the effort again with someone else in a different time, in a different space and in a different environment.

People would like to call this experience but as you can see it is a limiting thought pattern that has been so badly burnt into your mind that you wouldn’t attempt it again even though it was an opportunity for everlasting love.

“Different time, different space, different mind, different outcome”

William Kwok – chiropractor