Our minds are the key to innovation is the title of a media release by the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

“The Australian Psychological Society and the Heads of Departments of Schools of Psychology (HODSPA) welcomed the Prime Minister’s focus on innovation, announced in the Government’s Innovation Statement,” the article begins. The ‘innovation focus should be expanded beyond science and technology to the social sciences, in particular psychology, which has the expertise to understand what drives creativity and how to facilitate changes in thinking and behaviour to achieve a culture of innovation,” the article continues.

Innovation in Daily Life

We often think of innovation as the technologies others have come up with, but living an innovative life applies to our every day lives as well. If you feel stuck in a rut, it may be because you’re focusing on your perceived limitations rather than your vast potential.

The APS media release goes on to quote Mike Kyrios,  APS President and Director of the ANU Research School of Psychology. “Innovation is, after all, about changing behaviour, focused creativity and managed risk taking,” he says. “Being behaviour change experts, psychologists are key to unlocking innovation in people and organisations.”

Sydney Psychology Centre

The Petrozzi Wellness Centre Wellness Psychology team helps clients find more innovative approaches to their lives every day. Clients can feel “stuck” in any number of ways. One may be having family difficulties while another may be having a problem starting a business or taking steps to get out of an unsatisfying job situation.

Innovation starts with seeing life from a fresh perspective and taking steps towards making the changes needed to lead a more fulfilling life. A trained psychologist can help you see past your perceived limitations and tap into your creative potential.

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