Sept 2014The average adult spends about half their life at work. The work environment can have an enormous impact on our mental health. A mentally unhealthy workplace leads to a variety of mental health issues, including mild to severe stress and depression. From both a business and individual perspective, mental health in the workplace is an issue we have to face and find solutions for.

Mental Health in the Workplace: Academic Studies

The National Mental Health Commission teamed up with the University of New South Wales (UNSW) to bring attention to the issue of mental health in the workplace and find practical ways for businesses to analyse and correct mental health issues in the workplace. Their research resulted in a 5 point plan:

  1. Establish commitment and leadership support: management must become actively engaged
  2. Situational Analysis: work out what the issues are in your workplace
  3. Strategy: establish a strategy to deal with the problem
  4. Review: determine if your strategies have been effective
  5. Adjust: be willing to adjust your strategy, keeping what works and discarding what doesn’t

Not stigmatising mental health issues is central to the success of a mental health program. In the past, employees felt like they had to hide their mental health problems from their employers. Stress, boredom, mild depression and other issues were the employees’ problem.

Business leaders are increasingly discovering that mental health problems are their problems, too. Employees who are stressed, depressed or bored are less productive. Creating a healthy work environment:

  • Makes employees more productive and engaged with their work
  • Reduces sick days
  • Reduces worker turnover

Studies have shown that for every dollar spent on worker health, an organisation receives $2.30 in direct and indirect benefits.

Your Mental Health: Leichhardt Psychologist and Stress Relief Services*

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