You can eat all the right foods and exercise regularly, but if you are chronically stressed or worried, it will take its toll on your physical and psychological health. Self therapy can be an effective form of treatment. Meditation, positive thinking and other forms of self therapy may be all you need to nourish your mind and emotions, but sometimes you need help.

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Wellness psychology is an effective form of therapy that can help you see the positives in life when the clouds of worry and stress seem to hide the sun. Adversity of any kind can be seen in different lights. You might feel overwhelmed by it and decide to just give up on life. A wellness psychologist can show you how to treat adversity as an opportunity for growth and empowerment. Ultimately, it’s up to you, but a wellness psychologist can nudge you in the right direction.

Negative emotions sap your energy and make it difficult to see past them. You might blame someone else or society for your problems or think there is no way out for you. Positive emotions help you appreciate the present moment and help you find ways to overcome the difficulties you face.

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At Petrozzi Wellness Centre, our approach to wellness psychology is to “guide you to trust, feel and accept whatever your emotional experience. In learning to accept, feel and therefore free yourself from the negative effects of emotions you learn to trust and believe in yourself. This is the core of confidence and self-esteem building.

When you uncover protective layers of negative emotions, you reach an inner place…a place of love, wisdom, trust, power, and freedom. This is the place we take you to step by step.”

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