What is the soul? Some define it as the “spiritual or immaterial” part of us. Others say you have “soul” if you feel empowered and creative. However you define soul, most of us agree that it is the highest part of our being.

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How can you nourish your soul? Nourishing your body and mind is a good start, but perhaps the main thing is to exchange negative thinking for positive thinking and take a more compassionate approach to life. It’s easy to get angry and blame others, but compassion teaches us to let go of negative emotions and find positive solutions for everyone.

Compassion should extend to one’s self, too. We often take on too much of a burden or kick ourselves every time we fail. Compassion teaches us to be kinder to ourselves as well as others and when you look at failure in a compassionate light, you realise that failure is the road to success because each failure teaches you what you need to know to make progress.

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suzi petrozzi leichhardt wellness psychologistHowever you define it, the soul is an inner place. It is, as we define it in wellness psychology, “a place of love, wisdom, trust, power and freedom.” The chains that bind us are the negative emotions that prevent us from seeing the light of love, wisdom, trust, power and freedom. Make this Christmas the Christmas you resolve to reach for the light and empower your soul.


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