After 3 years as finalists, we’re proud to announce that Petrozzi Wellness Centre is the 2015 Australian Small Business Champion Award winner in the Health Improvement Services category. Being a finalist was something to be proud of in a big field of excellent businesses, but being the champion this year is the icing on the cake.

australian-small-business-award(3)As you can see, John and Suzi Petrozzi were pretty excited about it! What does winning the award mean?

About the Australian Small Business Champion Awards

The Australian Small Business Champion Awards originated in New South Wales in 1999 and went on to be expanded to become an Australia-wide award. Eligible service or retail businesses must have 40 employees or less and manufacturing businesses 100 or less full-time employees. After submitting an application for the award, a panel of expert judges select the finalists. The judges look “at each applicants approach to the business, together with their achievements and attitudes in regards to managing challenges.”

The aim of the Awards is to “reward the drive, persistence and determination shown by these people, and to put small business on the map at a national level”, according to Steve Lowe, Managing Director of Precendent Productions. The The Hon Bruce Billson MP, Australian Minister for Small Business, goes on to say:

Small Businesses are the engine room of the Australian economy. It is vital we recognise the outstanding contribution small businesses make to our nation, which is why I encourage you to nominate for the 2015 Australian Small Business Champion Award.

I know that creating and growing a small business takes relentless hard work, an inordinate amount of dedication and great passion. Those of you who are working to support prosperity in your communities should rightly be congratulated.

Yes, it does takes “dedication and great passion” to run a small business. At PWC, we love the work we do and believe in a holistic approach to well being. As challenging as the work is, the everyday rewards are great. Winning the 2015 Australian Small Business Champion Awards in our category is tremendously inspiring and we agree with 2014 Young Entrepreneur winner David Freeman of H2Coco, who wrote: “This type of acknowledgement does huge things for the energy & team morale to keep taking business to the next level.”

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