There’s a place you long to be,
A place it seems too far to reach,
but it’s a place you want to feel.

Is it a paradise by the sea?
Or a sanctuary in the trees?
Either, way it’s a place I hear can heal.

They say it takes courage,
Bit of laughter and belief in magic,
To come face to face and reach this special place.

Take heed,
for the journey can be seen to mislead,
trust the path you’re on
and soon you’ll reach your special home.

It’s that place inside you,
waiting when you’re ready.
It has lots of patience,
even when you’ve been unsteady.

It’s waiting with open arms,
to greet you home,
and let you know it doesn’t harm.

You’ll know your truth when you reach this place,
you’ll feel all of life, love and joy,
in a way you’ve never felt before.

It’s that place inside you,
not afraid to love,
a place so big and deep,
it’s a place that never ends.

Suzi Petrozzi, Wellness Psychologist for more information about coaching sessions and the Empowered Women Program and Retreats