5 Ways to Reduce Stress
Stress builds up inside us if we don’t take measures to reduce it. We don’t need stress to lead productive lives. In fact, we are more productive if we are not feeling stress. Here are five visualisation and relaxation techniques you can use to reduce stress.

1) Acknowledge Stress
Fighting stress without acknowledging the sources of stress will only increase your stress. Sit down and examine what is causing stress in your life. You may feel overwhelmed by work, managing your family, debt and other issues. In many cases, you may be projecting a future “doomsday” scenario for your life.

2) Change Your Mental Outlook
When you look at the causes of stress, you can break the causes down into more manageable chunks. Rather than project that doomsday scenario, realise that many things that add to your stress will pass. Debt doesn’t have to add up over time. A family crisis today will be gone tomorrow. You may have too many things to do today, but if you take your responsibilities one step at a time, you will work faster and more efficiently.

3) Visualisation Works
At this moment in time, you don’t have to project your stress into the future. The present moment gives you the opportunity to visualise yourself in a quiet environment. A good way to start is to close your eyes and start breathing through your diaphram. When we’re stressed we tend to breathe higher in our chest. Diaphramatic breathing will reduce stress. Then you can see through the clouds and realise much of your stress is imaginative.

4) Muscle Relaxation
Another way to reduce stress is to consciously relax your muscles as you practice breathing through your diaphram. Start with the feet and work your way up through your body all the way to the forehead. You may be surprised to find out how your body is holding stress in when it should be letting it go.

5) Seek Professional Help
Sometime stress can reach a point where we need to seek professional help. You may want to talk to a holistic psychologist, learn a meditation technique or attend yoga classes. Learn from others who have learned to manage their stress and you can learn to manage yours. And remember: less stress will make you happier and better able to meet life’s challenges.

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