At Petrozzi Wellness Centre, we not only offer a range of services, our clients and friends in the wellness business help us keep our finger on the pulse of current wellness trends. From the looks of things, an informed public is turning away from fads and towards time-tested treatments, diets and practices that work. Here are 5 wellness trends we think will be with us in 2015 and beyond.

1. Meditation

Meditation has been with us for a long time, but is increasingly being taken up by people looking for a proven way to relieve stress and tune in to their higher selves. Meditators come from all walks of life and all religions (even atheists). Science is helping spread the word as the benefits of meditation are being scientifically proven. The popularity of the Primordial Sound Meditation courses we introduced in 2014 at PWC is further proof that meditation will be a growing trend in 2015.

2. Natural Foods

Revelations about the health dangers of processed and fast foods are just too abundant to ignore. Even people who are dubious about fad and radical diets are taking a more careful look at the foods they eat. Not everyone wants to take up a vegan diet or shun the occasional sweet indulgence, but everyone seems to be leaning towards wholesome, natural foods and turning away from regular indulgence in junk food.

3. Natural Medicine

For nearly a century, we have been taught that only pharmaceutical medicines can treat or cure disease. Word is out now, though. Natural herbs and foods can help prevent many diseases and aid in the healing process even when conventional medicines are called for.

4. Online Therapy

It’s not always practical or necessary to have an in-person consultation with a wellness professional. Now that online platforms are available for face-to-face communication, online therapies are beginning to be a trend. The trend will continue to grow in 2015 and beyond.

5. Wellness Retreats

We used to go on holidays. We still do, but an increasing trend is combining a holiday with a wellness retreat. What could be better than spending a weekend with like-minded people recharging your batteries at a wellness retreat in a beautiful setting like Avrajita Retreat in Kangaroo Valley?

Natural, holistic wellness is going mainstream thanks in part to its growing acceptance by the medical and scientific establishment. As we pointed out in We are NOT Victims of Genetics, the old notion that we are mechanisms that only respond to mechanistic approaches to psychological and physical problems has been disproved.  In Neuroscience and Holistic Psychology, we discovered how cutting-edge brain imaging devices help neuroscientists see the benefits of meditation in real time and reveal that meditation and other non-invasive therapies can change the structure and function of the brain for the better.

Here’s to a happy, holistic 2015!