We will be hosting Psychology Awareness Week at Petrozzi Wellness Centre from 6 to 12 November this year. That’s still quite a few months away, but we believe that psychology awareness should be practiced throughout the year.

What is Psychology Awareness?

Psychology awareness is simply the awareness that what you are thinking and feeling makes a difference to your physical, emotional and mental health. As a holistic medical centre, we look for natural solutions to any issues you may be experiencing.

Our fully qualified wellness psychologists can help you understand a number of non-invasive treatments that can dramatically improve your outlook on life. What would you like to know more about?

  • Mindfulness?
  • Authenticity?
  • Personal leadership?
  • The benefits of change?
  • The power of the mind?
  • Grief and loss?
  • Anger management?
  • Relationships?

You may feel a need for a change, but not be able to pinpoint the cause of your problem or know how to move forward. A psychologist is trained to listen and can offer you tools for change to help you manage and overcome avariety of issues that may be holding you back from becoming your best self.

Psychology Awareness in Leichhardt Wellness Psychology Centre

Contact Petrozzi Wellness Centre to find out more about wellness psychology. You may have questions about our methods of treatment and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. Do you want to:

  • Know how long psychological treatment takes?
  • Find out if the information you share with a psychologist will remain confidential?
  • Learn how to manage symptoms of depression, stress or anxiety?
  • Know if a psychologist can help you if you are already taking medication for a condition?

We will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Then, if you feel we can be of assistance to you, you can arrange an initial appointment to discuss your needs with one of our highly experienced wellness psychologists. For more information, call us on or send us an email at info@petrozziwellness.com.au.

Also to find out more about the Empowered Women program and retreats run by Suzi Petrozzi go to www.suzipetrozzi.com